Thursday, March 26, 2009

5 Random Things You Didn't Know About Abby

Those of you who've read our One Novel to Live blog entry know Abby Taylor is the protagonist of our novel, The Pecking Order. Laura and I both readily admit Abby began as an amalgam of the two of us at our most manic, most stretched (which was the original title of the book, by the way), most certifiably insane (now we're just uncertifiable). For the good of everyone involved, Abby has now, like all good fiction characters, taken on an identity and a life completely her own. If you know either one or both of us, you don't necessarily know Abby, but here are five tidbits to introduce and entice you. We hope you'll get to know her very well and very soon.

  • Abby calls only the most deserving people in her life by their given names. The rest receive only monikers--think The Pecker, The Blowhard, Man Slippers, and Sweat Rings.

  • Abby's been known, after equal parts peer pressure and booze, to remove her underwear in public places.

  • Abby's husband, Adam, is the love of her life, but kids, work, and the occasional ill-timed fart have rendered them celibate by default.

  • Abby's learned the hard way that a particularly messy diaper and a quick-footed toddler can wreak havoc at a dinner party.

  • Abby believes she can have it all, believes she can find balance, but when we first meet her, she has no idea where to look for it.

Here's to hoping you can take that journey with her.


Linda C said...

Just curious, what does EVOO mean?

Jayne Lynne said...

Hi Linda,
Its Rachel Ray's abbreviation for extra virgin olive oil . . .

Karri O'Bryan said...

Abby is a girl after my own heart. I love her!!!

Jenn said...

I am immersed. When/how/where do I read this book?

The witty banter on the blog reminds me of Jen Lancaster; professional, but just as brilliantly jaded!

Anonymous said...

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