Friday, July 10, 2009

Choose Wisely

A few words about word choice, inspired by my weekend.

I attended a wedding last weekend. In the evening. With my husband. Without my kids. With a full bar. So, you know, nirvana. I actually shaved my legs, plucked my brows, bronzed and glittered and coiffed, and poured myself into a far-too-expensive-but-worth-every-penny spaghetti-strapped cocktail dress. After dinner and cake and champagne, the dance floor opened. I didn't even care that my shoes hurt and I couldn't get very "low low low" in my tight dress. But after the fourth country song in a row, I did need a change of music. I shimmied up to the adorable DJ, and requested something rocking. I believe the exchange went something like this:

Me: Hey, Mister DJ, how about something rockin'? How about some KISS? (I may have actually stuck out my tongue and given him the "rock on" hand gesture and head bang. It's a bit fuzzy.)
Cute DJ: KISS? Who's that? I'm only 22.
Me, slightly slurring, patting aforementioned cute DJ on the arm, batting my eyes: I'm only 23 and I know who they are. Please?

So, back on the dance floor, what do you know, the DJ started playing Rock and Roll All Night. All of us of a certain age hooped and hollered, and the group I was with gave me high fives for asking. And then, it happened. Over the loud speaker, across the dance floor, the DJ said, "THIS GOES OUT TO THE 23 YEAR OLD COUGAR!"

Oh. No. He. Didn't. Cougar? Really? By definition, I believe a cougar must be in her forties. Me? I'm a young, perky 35. And I take issue with the characterization. In writing, and on the dance floor, for the love of women everywhere (and my ego), choose your words carefully. MILF would have sufficed, thank you very much.

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